Human Capital Management Strategy

A human capital management (HCM) strategy is a plan for managing talent in ways that enable an organization to meet its strategic objectives. Excelling at developing and managing an HCM strategy is particularly important for HCM professionals today. The days of having to convince business leaders that talent matters are gone. Business leaders now know that talent can make or break organizational performance, and as a result, they have high expectations for how their organizations approach HCM strategy.

Benchmarking HCM Strategy

APQC's Human Capital Management Principal Research Lead, Elissa Tucker, presents results from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking? survey on creating and managing HCM Strategy. Learn what APQC’s benchmarking data reveals about organizational practices for: creating HCM strategy, managing HCM strategy, and assessing HCM strategic objectives.

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Developing an HCM Strategy

HCM strategy development begins by determining the strategic HCM needs of the organization. This involves gathering input from a variety of internal and external sources. Once an organization’s HCM needs are identified, parameters can be set for how HR and the business will collaborate and ensure these needs are ultimately met. This involves establishing roles and accountabilities, as well as gathering key baseline data on HCM costs and other key performance indicators (productivity, efficiency, cycle time, quality, and business impact/outcome measures) that will be used to monitor and evaluate.

Finally, once a strategy is developed and roles, accountabilities, and measures are defined, the HCM strategy is regularly communicated throughout the organization.

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Create and Manage HR Strategy Performance Assessment

Connect HR strategic activities to business objectives by completing the Create and Manage HR Planning, Policies, and Strategies. Open Standards Benchmarking Assessment. By linking a documented HR strategy to achieving market objectives and reporting such results to all stakeholders, the human resource executive is more likely to receive the necessary resources and leadership attention.

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Upcoming Research Projects

Redesigning Jobs for the Digital Organization
APQC’s job redesign project will produce resources to support organizations in redesigning their job architectures to leverage technology and be responsive to business change. The research will look at how to analyze tasks/activities, create a work optimization plan, redesign the task/activity and job/skills framework, and establish a process for work and worker redeployment. 

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