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A cloud-based solution designed to simplify business process management for organizations of all sizes, MosaiQ? enables you to measure and manage your business processes, and learn best practices to improve. Create custom frameworks that scale and mature as your business evolves, and create a common language around your processes so you can move past defining what the business does in to how the work is done.

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Designed With You In Mind

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Centralized Process Function

MosaiQ helps reduce process definition redundancy by fostering re-use of a centralized approved process framework, supporting a common business process language across the organization, and reducing the time it takes to solve process problems throughout the organization.


Decentralized Process Function

MosaiQ's collaboration functionality and the Process Classification Framework's (PCF)? comprehensive scope help process professionals effectively work on their portion of the business processes with individuals company-wide, and in turn, make everyone's job easier without the concern of inconsistent model elements across functions.

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Breaking Through Process Silos

MosaiQ helps to break down silo walls. With this new perspective, organizations can integrate strategic process management, reusing common process definitions, collaborate with others, saving effort, and producing compliant work that integrates with the work of others the first time.

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Professional Services Firm

MosaiQ brings results to clients faster and more efficiently than with traditional documents, spreadsheets, and process models.

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Creating a Process Management Tool Synergy

Use MosaiQ in addition to existing tools as a system of record for process definitions.


Using a Dashboard to Align Strategic Goals

MosaiQ streamlines access to industry benchmarks and facilitates collaboration with integrated document management saving both time and money.

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Customizing a Process Framework

MosaiQ provides a user-friendly environment to creates custom frameworks that fit the organization’s needs. MosaiQ’s collaboration features keep the communication flowing and reduces the time it takes to get to the right process definition.

If this was done on paper or Excel, the amount of work to keep it up would be ridiculous, We rely on the visualization of our processes and the ability to export it. The clarity has been the best thing for us in terms of MosaiQ and our ability to start referencing certain processes.

Adeeb Barqawi, ProUnitas